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Cemeteries in Montevallo Alabama
The death of a loved one is a very traumatic time in one’s life.  The City of Montevallo would like to provide its citizens and visitors with information to provide you with local businesses that can assist you during this dramatic time. The City of Montevallo has two cemeteries located within the city. The cemeteries are Montevallo Cemetery and Alabama National Cemetery.  

Montevallo Cemetery                     
County Road 73 
Montevallo, Al  35115 

*Kirk Hamby (205) 337-9222       
*24 hours/7 days

Alabama National Cemetery
3133 Highway 119
Montevallo, AL 35115
(866) 547-5078
(205) 665-9039
(205) 665-7790 fax

All lots $1,200.00
M-F Opening/Closing:  $550.00
Sat.-Sun. Opening/Closing:  $650.00

The Flower Shop
981 Island St.
Montevallo, Al  35115
(205) 665-1232

Funeral Homes:
Rockco’s Funeral Home
3715 Hwy 25
Montevallo, Al  35115
(205) 665-2135

The Good Shepherd Funeral Home
150 White Street
Montevallo, Al  35115
(205) 665-1106

We accept the following methods of payment:

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